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Well it's safe to say that I LOVE food!  The hardest part of losing weight and getting in shape is changing when, how much, and what I eat.  Below are some  tips and ideas of what has helped make things a bit easier. 

  • Hungry GirlCheckout the website to find low calorie versions of your favorite recipes, various food products and restaurant nutrition.  Signing up for their daily email.
  • Coupons.com great resource for coupons, so easy to print.
  • Crazy Coupon Mommy - Get up to date on new coupons, product samples, sales and giveaways.

A Peek at What I Eat

  • Whole grain waffles and fat free yogurt mixed with berries, instead of syrup.
  • Uncle Sams cereal, less than 1 gram of sugar, 7 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber. 
  • Mootopia milk – Has more protein than regular milk, less sugar and tastes like whole milk.
  • Orowweat, Double Fiber English muffins
  • Organic peanut butter -Add to the English muffins, fast, easy, filling and can take in the car.
  • Ezequiel bread, organic flourless bread.  My favorite is the cinnamon raisin.  Find in the freezer section.
  • Butterball, turkey sausage, great for egg scrambles.
  • Progresso Light Southwestern Style Veggie soup.  Add some more black beans or avocado!

  • Canned mushrooms.  Love adding to so many recipes, (grilled w/onions, omelets, pasta) a great filler with only 25 calories per ½ cup.

  • Fat free sour cream mixed with 1 Ranch seasoning mix.
    2 tbls = 30 calories   Great for dipping.
  • Kraft Natural Cheese sticks, less than 100 calories.
  • Fat free plain yogurt, sugar free granola, frozen berries

Food Substitutions/Ideas
  • Trade out one egg for two egg whites.
    • 2 whole eggs = 140 calories
    • 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites = 90 calories
  • Add avocado!  Gives to much flavor, but watch out how much you use, avocado can get high in calories.
  • Add canned mushrooms to your meal, very filling, cheap and delicious!
  • Find a healthy "comfort food" to turn to instead of your usual comfort foods.

Coming soon........My Day's Food Journal


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