Friday, December 31, 2010

Hard Work Pays Off

I never thought I'd put my weight online or even my "fat" pictures, but I did and I'm still alive.  Getting used to counting calories and squeezing in workouts hasn't been easy but seeing results makes it all worth it.
  1. Clothes Fitting Better – No my clothes aren’t falling off of me but they do feel more comfortable and I think I’m getting my waist back!
  2. Not Completely Dying During a Workout – The first week of working out was tough but it slowly getting better.  Don’t get me wrong, TurboFire is still kicking my butt, I’m still following the modified versions.  I can’t do the full jumps or burpees yet but I’ll be there eventually.
  3. Skin Clearing Up – My skin really gives me away when I’m not eating healthy.  But since I’ve started eating better I’ve noticed that my skin is clearing up.  Bye bye adult acne!
  4. Accomplishment – Seeing these small changes has made me feel better about myself.  I know I’m not where I want to be yet but it’s good to know that I’ll be there soon.  I feel thinner, more toned and stronger.  Can’t wait to see more results

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